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I have been working from Home and making
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done many deals without using any of my
Money or Credit. You can learn to do the
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Mike Shackelford REI

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Real Estate Investing Books/Courses
Here are our top picks for real estate book and courses!

. Foreclosure Profit Finder !
In Foreclosure Profit Finder, you'll learn:

. How the foreclosure process works
. How to find and evaluate foreclosure properties
. How to decide if you're getting a good deal or if you should move on
. How to obtain properties at various stages ...
. Reverse Real Estate
In Reverse Real Estate, you'll learn:

. Everything you know about Real Estate is backwards!
. This innovative system will show you a unique way of investing in real estate that will minimize your risks and maximize your profits.
. How to sell houses before you control them.
. Read more... .