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10 must have Real Estate Contract Clauses - You will save thousands of dollars, time and avoid headaches, if you only had these Clauses in your Real Estate Contracts. You might know some, but you need all of them. These Clauses will help you, no matter if you are buying or selling. These apply to personal residence and Investment houses.
10 must have Real Estate Contract Clauses
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Welcome to MikeShack.com

I have been working from Home and making
money from Real Estate Since 2003. I have
done many deals without using any of my
Money or Credit. You can learn to do the
the same.

Mike Shackelford REI

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Real Estate Investing Books/Courses
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. Foreclosure Profit Finder !
In Foreclosure Profit Finder, you'll learn:

. How the foreclosure process works
. How to find and evaluate foreclosure properties
. How to decide if you're getting a good deal or if you should move on
. How to obtain properties at various stages ...
. Reverse Real Estate
In Reverse Real Estate, you'll learn:

. Everything you know about Real Estate is backwards!
. This innovative system will show you a unique way of investing in real estate that will minimize your risks and maximize your profits.
. How to sell houses before you control them.
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